"Art is my vehicle through life; may we share the ride together." Ron Wickersham

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Catching up on Documented Life Project - Week 37

September Theme: Journaling with Photos

Art Challenge: Digital Imagery and Design

Journal Prompt: "What Makes Your Heart Sing?"

After much thought, I decided to create this week's page spread about color and art supplies - they are truly what makes my heart sing!

The challenge was to use digital imagery and I'm not very capable in that department! First I imported a "Spark Inspiration" printable from Carolyn Dube into Photoshop and added a "paint daubs" filter. I printed it out and glued it on my page. Then I scraped paint colors around the edges with an old gift card, extending the color to the edges of the page. 

I had wanted to take the photo of paintbrushes I'd found online and layer it over the first image in Photoshop but never managed to figure that out. So I changed it to black and white in I-photo and printed it out separately. My original plan was to make a packing tape transfer with this, but inkjet prints don't work with this technique so I went with plan B and did a gel medium transfer directly on the page.

Finally, I added the title with stickers and a washi tape border to make the page pop.

I procrastinated a long time before starting this page but once I began, it all came together quickly.


Sugar Lump Studios said...

Such a gorgeous use of color and design! I can see why it makes you happy...it makes me happy just looking at it! :-)


Sue Kosec said...

Not only did it "come together quickly" it came together beautifully!

Great work, Susan!