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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Life Happens - All at Once!

Life just got crazy busy this past month and I can hardly believe it's been over three weeks since I've blogged. So what has been keeping me busy?

First of all, the week of Sept 13 I flew to Albuquerque to babysit Drew and Grant for three days, then got home to teach class and left again to babysit Carl and Mitchell Friday night in Austin. (So thankful for the SW non-rev benefits!)

Drew finally ready for a walk - it took us 1/2 hour to get ready
and we only went 1 1/2 short blocks!

Grant is sitting up now
Carl is such a card - when you run out of things to paint,
paint your brush!

Mitchell learned to roll over and also put
his toes in his mouth!

 Once I returned, we were in full swing getting ready for the Little Blue House's sixth annual "Little Somethings" Workshop on October 3 and 4 - three sessions of three-hour workshops. Participants created 9 "little somethings" projects (stocking stuffers, little gifts suitable for co-workers or neighbors, a wearable, baked goods packaging etc.) We had 112 sign-ups and spent several weeks designing the projects, cutting papers, assembling buttons and ribbons and twine, creating 17 samples of each project and packaging 200 kits of each project! It was a success, but oh so much work. We were exhausted at the end!

Kitting in progress

Samples all loaded to transport to teaching venue

9 projects students made

"Lil Blue" vintage camper (aka mobile store)
we managed to get inside the venue!

Classroom set up
The LBH gals and Santa
On top of that, I had a full house of visitors the same weekend. Initially we were going to babysit Drew and Grant (from Abq) so Dana and John could go to a concert in Dallas and spend the night there. Then Kelly decided to bring her boys up to see their cousins and my oldest daughter, Kim, who also lives in Austin came with her so she could meet Grant! It was a full house!

With all that going on, I've gotten several weeks' behind on the Documented Life Project but am trying to catch up before life gets hectic again.
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