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Saturday, August 13, 2016

I've been Scrapping!

I'm in Chicago for the weekend, but thought I'd post what has been consuming my days lately.

 Back a hundred years ago when I had my children, I never had time to do much in their baby books, much less scrapbooks. So I decided when my first grandson was born I would scrap the first year, with all its many milestones, for him. Then, three months later, my second grandson was born and, of course, I needed to do the same for him.

Fast forward three years and my third and fourth grandsons came along, again three months apart, so that meant being in the middle of creating four scrapbooks!

Four years later, I am still working - on the second volume for each of the older two and the first volumes for the younger two. I think I am caught up for Carl and Drew and will only do pages for birthdays, Christmas and special vacations/trips from now on. The babies' books still have a ways 
to go!

So here are some of the pages I've done in the last few weeks. Some of them, like the Zoo page, were done times 4! I'm mostly doing single-page layouts, but occasionally need double layouts for a larger number of photos. I've also sprinkled in several Project Life-type pocket-page layouts. These are pretty simple and nothing fancy. No flowers or bows for boys!

I'm having fun but what a job! I know it will be appreciated by their moms especially and will be fun to look back at all the special moments of their lives.


Sue Kosec said...

YOU get the grandma of the year award. What an undertaking!!!!

Be proud and enjoy the process. As you know - they grow up way too quickly.


Carla said...

I'm impressed trying to do all 4. wow.
I scrap-booked up through my daughters Junior year and then I started getting behind and never have finished. Instead I make photo galleries in my smug mug account by category. I'm even behind in that. The pictures are on external drive waiting to be uploaded.
You're good. Cute layouts.