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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Trip to Chicago - that wasn't!

As it turned out, we never made it to Chicago last weekend! We arrived at Love Field at 6:00 am (yes, I got up at 4:30!) and as soon as we entered the airport we realized something was "wrong." There was a HUGE line at the ticket counters, the kiosks were not working and the monitor showed the first three flights to Chicago cancelled. Bill even tried calling Southwest, but was disconnected twice.

So, since we fly non-rev and there were at least 400 paying customers that were going to need to find available seats, we decided we were not going to make it! We were home by 7 and I promptly returned to bed! It was disappointing as we were going to visit our youngest daughter, Sara, and her fiancé and we hadn't been to Chicago in quite a long time. Oh well...

I'm still trying to catch up on the grand boys' scrapbooks, but I've gotten back to a few art journal pages in the past few weeks. I've missed it!

Both of these pages were "mop up" pages - where I clean off my brush or stencils when I still have product left over from another project. It gives a nice start to new pages and avoids a blank page.

Tomorrow I will be back with more DLP pages.

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