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Thursday, August 11, 2016

DLP unPlanner - August

Can you believe it's August? Kids are starting to go back to school, but it's still super hot
here in Texas!

I've been delinquent in posting pages for the past few weeks. Two weeks ago, the DLP moderators posted the fifth week of July (since they post prompts every week on Saturday, that fell on July 29 so they considered it another week of July). I considered it the first week of August!  The only prompt was a PAC to incorporate two stencils. I didn't do one as I've done several cards with multiple stencils  in the past.

So now on to August! The August theme is: "And then again, NO - The Power of Saying NO". I have not done my monthly divider yet, but here are the weekly calendars for the first two weeks.

Week 1

The first week I went with a background of pink, yellow and orange - probably inspired by the Texas heat!

Week 2

For the current week I used a foam floral stamp and stamped repeatedly over the background with a turquoise ink and blended with ink to create the background. We are going to Chicago this weekend to visit my youngest daughter and her fiancé so I will have lots of stuff to add to
the last few days of this spread.

The PAC challenge was to use collage.  I started with a painted background and added a strip of the inside of a security envelope on the right side. Over that I added a small piece of tissue tape. The bird image is a black and white print-out left over from some other project. I lightly colored it with my new Prima water-soluble oil pastels. The scalloped border at the top is another security envelope - I love saving these pretty patterns! Then I stapled a small piece of hand-dyed ribbon to the top and doodled around the outside edge.

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Sue Kosec said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the bird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's my favorite - you've outdone yourself on this one, my dear.

Happy bird-ing!