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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Homemade Spray Color Washes

Today was playtime! I have wanted to experiment with the new color washes that lots of companies are coming out with. (Color Mists by Outside the Margins, Adirondack Color Wash by Ranger Ink, Starburst Stains by Lindy's Stamp Gang, Radiant Rain by Luminarte are a few.) After reading some discussion on making homemade color washes, today I tried making some with Marvy dye reinkers I had on hand.

My basic "recipe" was about 10 drops of reinker in a small mister bottle and about one-third to half full of water. I used Orchid, Oriental Blue and Ochre because that's what I had! I experimented with regular cardstock, glossy cardstock, watercolor paper, dryer sheets, baby wipes and paper towels (these were under the other papers while spraying and came out as nice as the papers).

Here are my results. The top photo is a dryer sheet. Below that is a baby wipe. If you look closely you will see faint outlines of lambs!
The next two pictures are of the paper towels that were underneath the papers when I was spraying.

The two samples on the left are glossy cardstock; the two on the right are on regular cardstock; and the last three are on watercolor paper.

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SC-The Artful Mama said...

Hi Susan!!
I enjoyed looking through your blog! You had some great results with the homemade color washes. I'm gonna have to try on watercolor paper and I also want to try mulberry paper and old text pages.
Thanks for taking the time to peek at my blog. I'm gonna add yours to my favorites! ;)
Susan Chong
aka The Artful Mama