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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Scrapbook class

I've been a bit busy this past week so haven't gotten much art done. I started a new job (haven't worked since 1974 when my first little one was born!) working part-time at a local scrapbook/stamping store. I love it so far, but it's been an adjustment and I've got alot to learn about retail!

Yesterday I took a day long class with a friend making a "Graduate Scrapbook in a Day." This was very intense and fast-paced as we had 6 hours to make both back and front covers plus a page for each letter of the alphabet! Luckily, all the paper was cut to size or we wouldn't have gotten nearly as much done as we did. As it was, we went to my house afterwards and spent another 5 hours adding all the embellishments and ribbons and it's still not finished! The book was made with the new Go West Studios acrylic spiral "journey" album and is a beautiful memento for that special graduate. Unfortunately, it's not mine to keep - my friend has two sons she needed these for so I was there to make the second one for her. It was worth it to me to spend precious time with a friend doing something we both love. Oh, I forgot to say I've never made a scrapbook before!


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This is beautiful. I love how you put the numbers of the year on the spine. I may need to use this idea. I have two books to make as well.