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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Altered Bottles

Our local stamp group met last night and had our altered bottle swap. At Christmas time, one of the members gave each of us a small bottle and we were to alter it for this month's swap. We exchanged according to our birthday month.

My bottle went to Karen. I used a double-sided transparency of a little fairy girl inside the bottle. (Click on the image to see a closeup.) When I cut the image out, I kept a little tab on the bottom which I glued inside a tiny wooden thread spool. I painted the spool white to be less noticeable and glued it to the bottom of the bottle and added irridescent shred around it. On the outside I added inspirational word rub-ons and tiny little adhesive pearls. Gold German scrap border was glued to the bottom of the bottle and around the neck. I also added some gold foil tape above that on the neck. I glued a fairy image to a flat-sided glass marble and attached that to the top of the cork. Silver glitter was glued to the side of the cork that showed above the bottle and I wrapped silver and gold wire around the neck to hang the small charms.

And this is the one that I received from Debbie (thank you!!). Isn't it darling? It's so different from the others - she thought "outside the box" and used it as a vase for the button/paper flowers. And the bottle is full of red, white and black buttons - if I ever need those colors, I will know just where to go! I love the black and white toile around the outside - it's a napkin - along with all the jewels!

All the bottles were very unique and suited the recipients so well. I wish I had gotten a group photo!


Robin said...

Very cool bottles!

Rob Feckler said...

Aww, what a cute personalized gift! That’s also a creative way to keep the bottles out of landfills. It’s really cool that people are finding lots of different things to do with their glass bottles after the wine or perfume is gone. After all the work that goes into making each bottle, it’s much better to do other things with them than to let them go to waste.