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Monday, March 28, 2011

Got Color?

Last week we had some gorgeous weather - in the 80's and sunny - almost too hot too soon. But the past few days have been gray, dreary and cold - in the 50's.  When will spring ever come? (Though I shouldn't complain since many are still knee-deep in snow!)

I thought it would be fun to share these colorful images I found, mostly from Pinterest.com (do you pin yet? check it out)

Look at these colorful homes! (I'd pick the hot pink one.)
Bo-Kaap, Capetown, South Africa

Guanajuato, Mexico

Check out these amazing stairs!
Wuppertal, Germany
Artist: Horst Glasker

 Have you ever wanted to colorize your bookshelves?

Fun paint chip colorwheel on a bicycle

from Kate Spade blog

This is bright and cheery but could you live in this poodle room?  Makes me think of the 60's.
from ceilingexplorer.tumblr.com

This floor makes me dizzy!

from flickr.com (chorda)

YUM, this I love!

I hope this post brought some color to your day!


Debra said...

These pictures are so great. I'd pick the turquoise house.

Now I have to see what pinerrst is. So curious.

Thanks for teaching me how to make the flowers. I had a fun day.

JMeaux said...

Hey Susan - I'd move next door to you in the turquoise one (Deb - do ya think it's big enough for both of us?)

You've got me curious too about the pinterist so will have to check it out! Thanks for adding some color to my day!

Luv my Easter eggs!

Tracy :) said...

oooh...color makes me so happy! Cute pic of the bicycle tire...made me smile!

Dawn Elliott said...

I love your color images...and when I saw the second one I thought, "That looks like Guanaguato!"...and it was! My day is a lot brighter - thanks!