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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Revisiting my Art Journal

I finally had some time this week to get back to working in my art journal.  I have been following Donna Downey's inspiration journal posts every Wednesday and a few weeks ago she devoted an entire week to journaling with daily videos.

I decided to try a few of the techniques, mainly the image transfers.  She provided images for download and copying so I printed one of them on our inkjet printer.  This was then transferred to the page with gel medium.  I liked this transfer because you don't have to wait for it to dry - you remove the paper after burnishing completely and the medium is still wet.  I've done other gel medium transfers where you wait for the paper to dry and then it takes alot of work and time to remove the paper pulp to reveal the transfer.  

My transfer came out well (note that this did not work with my Epson printer as those inks are DuraBright meaning they will not run if they come in contact with water-based products).  I then painted the page lightly with gesso to integrate the transfer. I stamped with paint and also used Donna's "drippage" technique of adding diluted acrylic paint to the edges and spraying with water to encourage dripping.  I added the quote and then inked the words in addition to portions of the page with bisque chalk ink.

I had so much fun playing in my journal that I also started prepping a few more pages.

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