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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Family Treasure

Blogging has certainly taken the back burner the last few weeks as I've been busy with family matters. First, two of our daughters were in town for Sara's graduation ceremony (see last post) and then most of this week we were in Austin to help my husband's 86-year-old widowed aunt pack and hold a garage sale before her move to Colorado.  Downsizing after 15 years in the same house and divesting herself of many items of her 65 years of marriage was very emotional for her and it didn't help that this all happened in 100+ degrees! Needless to say, it was an exhausting and sweaty week for all of us.

The upside is that I brought home several family treasures, among them this wonderful old cookbook dated 1934! It belonged to my husband's paternal grandmother.  It is falling apart but I love that it is full of hand-written recipes, some written on scraps of paper and others written on the book itself. The pages are yellowed and spattered and you just know it was well-used and well-loved.

An added bonus was finding a few letters inside. One was written by Aunt Melba to her mother (owner of the cookbook) just before her marriage in 1946.  Another was written later by her husband to his in-laws.  Such special treasures!


Sarah said...

Oh, what a wonderful, well-loved book, Susan. I know you will enjoy looking through it and maybe even trying a few recipes. And what a nice family keepsake to pass along to one of your daughters.

Rhonda Merry said...

Nice to see that this treasure was found by one who appreciates such treasure.

DeeDee said...

what a nice family treasure to hold and see... I will keep a prayr she is settle soon.. and her emotions settle as well.. It wouldl be a very tough day indeed..

Linda Manning Findley said...

wonderful treasure .... Linda F