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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Floral Canvas Pocket Tutorial

I made this canvas pocket using two of the canvas pennants from the Front Porch Kit.  Here is the tutorial to make your own.
Floral Canvas Pocket

Supplies from the kit:
2 Maya Road canvas banners
Stella Rose “Happy  Bouquet” paper - strip approx. 1 1/2” x 5”
denim fabric - 1/2” x 10”
turquoise print fabric - 1” x 8”; 1/4” x 6”
yellow and orange print fabrics - 1/4” x 6” each
rust rick rack - 14”
teal sheer ribbon (full piece) 
1 daisy cut from daisy trim
2 large dark blue buttons
1 small yellow button
yellow balls - 4 large; 1 small
small yellow flower
glassine bag
Additional supplies used:
Liquid glue (Helmar 450 Quick Dry)
Glimmer Mist - Gold (Tattered Angels)
Tattered Florals die (Sizzix) or flower die or punch of choice
large hole scallop border punch (EK Success)
paper piercer
large-eye tapestry needle
sewing needle and thread
pinking scissors
1” circle scrap cardstock any color

1.  Protect your work surface and spray two canvas banners with a generous layer of gold glimmer mist.  Let dry.

Tip:  Using a brayer over the surface while still wet will result in more even coverage.  Be sure to clean brayer well.
2. Turn over one canvas piece to work on the back.  Place the middle point of the length of rick rack on the center bottom point of the canvas piece and start glueing the trim along the edge. Position it so about half the width will show from the front.  

Continue glueing along one side.  Turn over to check that rick rack is peeking out from the edge.

3.  With plain canvas sides facing each other (colored sides facing out), line up both pieces (rick rack will be sandwiched between) and glue together along outer edges.  Do not glue the top edge together as this is a pocket!

4.  Border punch the strip of paper and glue along top edge of front banner piece.
Tip:  I punched twice to get scallops along both edges.  First punch the strip normally.  

Then turn the punch upside down so you can see the cutting edges.  Turn the strip around so the first punched edge is facing away from the scalloped cutting edge and align the design with the already-punched section.  The unpunched edge should be facing the back of the punch and the scallop cutting edge. 

Punch and you will have a double-edge scalloped strip.

5.   Glue four large yellow balls in 4 center holes of the paper border.

6.   Thread each end of the turquoise ribbon through the holes of the two dark blue buttons. Glue one button to each end of the paper strip.
Tip:  Cut ribbon end on a sharp angle and use a large-eye needle or tweezers to pull/poke ribbon through.
7.   Glassine Flower: Cut six pieces of glassine bag approximately 3" square (or larger than your specific flower die or punch) and die cut 6 flower shapes. Stack all six together and pierce through the center (protect your work surface with a foam piece or old mouse pad). Insert the wired yellow flower and bend the wire to hold all together. Cut off the excess wire and add glue if necessary to hold. Scrunch the flower to add dimension.

8.  Denim Flower: Add a drop of glue to the center of a scrap piece of cardstock (1" circle or  square - color doesn't matter as it won't show). Pinch one end of the denim strip and place in glue.

Hold the scrap piece in one hand and, using your dominant hand, start twisting the fabric strip. As you twist, coil around the center.

At about every quarter turn, add a drop of glue on the cardstock close to the fabric coils.

Continue until the strip is completed or you have reached the size desired.  To finish, glue the end of the strip under the cardstock scrap.  

Cut off any excess paper that shows.  Glue a small yellow ball to the center of the flower.
9.  Gathered Flower:  Use pinking scissors to pink the long edge of the larger turquoise fabric strip.  Thread a needle with sewing thread and knot the end.  Sew a small running stitch along the straight edge the entire length.  When completed, gently pull the thread to gather the strip into a tight circle.  Take a few final stitches to secure the circle and tie off with a knot.  Cut one daisy from the daisy trim and glue to the center of the flower.

10.  Glue all three flowers on canvas banner as shown.

11.  Thread one narrow strip of fabric through a small yellow button. Glue the remaining two strips to center bottom point of the pocket. (The button holes are too small to get all strips through.) Glue the threaded button over the other strips.



ElaineH said...

Great project and tutorial.

Tracy :) said...

Thanks for sharing Susan!!

Linda Manning Findley said...

Susan ... photo's have disappeared .... otherwise great tutorial ... thanks Linda F