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Friday, January 18, 2013

More new products

There were so many new products to see at CHA that I forgot to mention a few others.

First up is Tim Holtz's new Dimensional Cutting Pad. You really have to see this in action to fully understand it, but essentially it is a square, clear cutting pad with a beveled indentation down the center. This allows you to cut something out of the center of a card or other paper keeping the center of the cut image intact. Because it's square it will work either horizontally or vertically. Here's a photo that shows the pad on the left, a movers-and-shapers butterfly and the cut cardstock.

Ranger's Rock Candy DRY Glitter has been so popular that they came out with a much larger jar  - 8 oz! This is a totally clear glitter with no iridescence. You can add it to your project and then, if you want it colored, just apply alcohol inks over it. When dry the sparkle remains.

SPRAY E6000! Yes, you heard that right. The same great qualities of this glue but now in a spray. Same industrial strength! It's also non-toxic (no solvents) and can be sprayed inside in your studio! We saw a demo and it's fabulous. Here's a short video I found on YouTube for more information.

I'm excited about some little stamps from Prima that come in sets of two and are patterns for stamping your own washi tape. You could also use these for stamping on ribbons or even for borders. I love all the patterns. Don't they look cool in colors?

There's a new personal rotary trimmer on the market which wesaw demoed. It's the CutterPillarPro and looks promising! It will cut several sheets of paper or cardstock, chipboard, metal and acrylic. The blade is safely enclosed in a housing and they say it never needs replacing. The way it slides against the metal edge of the cutter supposedly sharpens it each time.  And the measurements are in sixteenths. There is a battery-operated LED light the entire length of the cutting edge for backlighting so you can see exactly where you are cutting. There's also a cute little drawer recessed under the cutter for extra batteries or papers. We tested it to see if it would cut a tiny sliver of paper and it did, perfectly straight. It's a little pricey, retailing for a little over $100, but it looks like it may be a great trimmer.

Another new tool is the Get-It-Straight Laser Square by KellyCraft. I didn't investigate this too closely because I don't need another tool which is pricey and takes up space but for some it might be very useful. I think it's about $50-60. It is basically a 90-degree angle with a laser for aligning items on a layout.  Here's a video on YouTube explaining more.

That's it for today!

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Carolyn Dube said...

Those washi tape stamps have my name on them! Well, not literally, it has Prima's name on them but you know what I mean...thanks for sharing the new CHA goodies!