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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bible Band Tutorial

I made this band for my bible a few days ago and posted it on Facebook and Instagram. I had a few requests on how I made it, so I thought I would share a brief tutorial here today.

First, here is a disclaimer: this is not my original idea. I saw it on Patter Cross's blog recently and got the instructions there.

So here is what you will need:

1"-wide non-roll elastic
medium-weight cotton fabric
sewing machine and thread to match fabric
handmade or purchased flower
fabric glue or needle and thread for hand sewing

1. You need to measure your bible. Wrap a tape measure around the height (if you want the band to wrap like mine) or width (if you want it to wrap around horizontally). 
2. Cut the elastic the same length with no overlap (mine was 20").
3. Cut fabric 4" wide and twice the length of the elastic. I purchased a "fat quarter" which is 18" x 18" square. I had to piece 18" lengths to get a 40" strip. If you have yardage, you will be able to cut one continuous strip (but you will also have lots of extra fabric).
4. Fold fabric in half lengthwise, right sides together, and sew together with a 5/8" seam.
5. Turn right side out and iron flat with seam in center.
6. Thread elastic through.
7. Join ends together and fit around bible to make sure it fits, adjusting if necessary.
8. Sew ends together. I used a zigzag stitch and went back and forth several times to reinforce it.
9. Add a flower over the raw-edged join. You could use fabric glue, but I hand-sewed it to make sure it would hold with all the tension of putting the band on and off.

Note: this would be a great project for any book or journal. I'm thinking of making one for an art journal next!

If you make one, I would love for you to share it here!

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