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Monday, February 22, 2016

DLP UnPlanner 2016 - Feb. Week 2

I'm a bit behind posting the second week's pages. We've been babysitting off and on for the grand boys and that takes away from my art and computer time - not that I'm complaining!

First off, I forgot to post my PAC for February's first week's art challenge which was to incorporate thread or floss in your art. For this card, I did actually use a playing card as it is the exact size of an ATC or PAC. I have an incomplete pack of cards so I will be doing this again. I covered the front side of the card with a piece of old ledger paper, then machine-stitched a white felt heart on top. I hand-stitched around a small red felt heart with pink embroidery floss and glued it over a small, frayed square of burlap. The floss is also tied through the button which is glued on top of all. I doodled the red stitches for the border.  

I liked that the machine stitching showed on the back so I didn't decorate it any further.

The art challenge for the PAC for the second week was "use shades of one color." In keeping with the color scheme I seem to be using for February, I used shades of red/pink. I randomly painted marks on the front and back of the card and then glued on bits of similar colored papers. I found the bird image and quote in my saved stash so added it as a focal point.

To add these to my binder, I cut off the right half of a 4-pocket page protector, leaving me with two pockets to insert the PACs. I like that you can also see the backs. I added black and white washi tape (my favorite) for the punched edge. I added a bow paper clip to the top pocket to keep the card in temporarily but liked it so much I decided to just keep it that way!

Below is the weekly calendar for the second week of February. I printed this one on kraft card stock again and like how the colors show up. This is a mix of hexagon-punched collage paper, various stickers and paper cutouts and a washi tape edge.

This is the back of the calendar page. I was inspired by an art journal page tutorial in a recent Stampington e-newsletter and made it very similar to the original - paint, gesso, collaged papers, stamped hearts on book pages.

My binder is getting full and we're only 6 weeks into the year!


Sue Kosec said...

Ohhhhhhhhh, Susan. I just love this one! Colorful and full of hearts 'n love!

Excited to see the finished binder!

Julie Wicks said...

Susan! I can hardly stand it! Your work is just beyond the description of words I can think of. Your art is the very best...even of the moderators that are doing DLP 2016. Always my very favorite. Our styles are just alike but I can't seem to commit the extended time to learn as much as you do and master all the techniques that you have and just put together such gorgeous work that sings to my art soul. I am like the kindergarten version of you...the master!

Angie Grimm said...

Very pretty!! You are so creative.