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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

DLP unPlanner 2016 - Feb. Week 3

This is my week's calendar for the third week of Feb. As you can see, I'm still using the fun red and pink color scheme!  Most of the background was colored in with watercolors - I tried for different shades of pinks/reds but got mostly pink! I added some patterned paper for a couple of the days. Lots of stickers and stamps...

This is the back - I covered it with a "throw-away" clean-up stencil paper and then added the List Ten directly to the page as I am quickly running out of room in this binder.  I will be finding different ways to add the items without making too many separate pages! The list for this month is "things I should never have done" and I'll be adding more as I think of them.

Here's my PAC for the week - the art challenge was "add a gratitude." I am very thankful for my wonderful family, and especially my little grand boys. 

 The background is simply an under paper from lots of painting and stenciling which I glued to the card. I typed the "grateful for" on the computer and hand-wrote "family," then added some fibers.  I think yarns and fibers are coming back in style and am so glad, as I have a bunch to use up!  

Instead of adding the card to a page protector like I've done the past few weeks, I decided to enclose it in a perfectly-sized glassine envelope which I punched to add to the binder ring. Below you can see how it sits above the week's page in my planner.

One more week in Feb. - I can't believe how quickly this year is flying by.


Sue Kosec said...

Oh, Susan ... I just love what you're doing with this project. YES - continue with the pinks and reds for February. Nothing says "love" like those colors.

Hmmmmmmmmm - one binder for each quarter? Then you don't have to hold back on your embellishments.

Happy crafting!

Julie Wicks said...

Ok...so I raced to your List 10-ready to read some juicy, exciting stuff but, of course, there was nothing there that made me pick up the phone and call you to say, "You did what?!!!". My list would have been filled to the other side of the page and beyond! Maybe we were on different wavelengths :/
I love the details you use in all of your work that makes the eye want to study all the things that make the "whole" so pleasing to view.
BTW- you can still finish that art degree, bell bottoms were super cool at the time, find those old friends on the internet and get in touch, but the tinted glasses were probably not a good idea...