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Monday, February 8, 2016

Documented Life UnPlanner 2016 - Week 5

Week 5 - January 30
Reflect on Month
PAC Challenge - Ask someone to draw or make marks on your art
Finish Monthly Pocket Picks

This past week was the fifth week of the DLP 2016 but confused me. The prompts are always scheduled to be posted on Saturday for the coming week. The usual monthly rotation is four weeks but they added a fifth week for the occasional months with an extra week. Since Sat. fell on the next-to-last day of January, I was hoping they would consider last week as the first week of Feb. instead of the fifth week of Jan.! (I am trying to use this as a regular planner and it was confusing to be "finishing" up Jan. when the first week of Feb. was going on. Oh well...it will be a "memory planner.")

Here is my PAC for the week. I created the background with various paints and then asked my fellow LBH teacher, Lynette Chiles, to make her mark. She is a very talented artist and draws beautifully. I love what she drew on my card, using inspiration from a few of the white paint lines to create crosses! Needless to say, I did not add anything more to the card except inking the edges to frame it.

This is the Monthly Pocket Pick I started during week 4. I didn't know ahead of time that these "pocket picks" would include bits and pieces and ephemera of our month so had to scramble to find some things to add. (In the future I will be saving bits all month!) Sorry, the photo is slightly skewed as it was really hard to photograph this without glare from the protector.

Monthly pocket pick - front side

I was so good about resisting buying the Fuse tool but I finally succumbed when I realized how handy it would be for these monthly pockets. I used it to reconfigure a 6"x9" page protector to hold the PAC; a black tag with small photos of the grand boys when we were all in Albuquerque the weekend of 1/22;  and a heart sticky note, washi tape and a label from a purchase I made for planner goodies. I also made a few shaker pockets for sequins, beads and punches to commemorate Grant's first birthday. 

Here is the back of the page. I journaled about our weekend in Abq on the back of the tag and added photos of Grant and my planner kit purchase. 

Back of pocket page

So, now on to Week 6, which is REALLY the second week of February but I'm working on the first week of Feb.! (Make sense?)

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