"Art is my vehicle through life; may we share the ride together." Ron Wickersham

Monday, February 15, 2016

More Documented Life UnPlanner Week 6

This is a two-sided list printed on kraft card stock. One side is a "Pretty Please" wish list; the other side is a "To Do" list - trying to stay organized!

After that is the weekly calendar for the first week of Feb. I used kraft card stock again and love how the colors and white show up on it.

I did a more vintage-looking page for the back. Someone in the class group posted/shared this photo which was perfect for the Taking the Leap challenge. I simply tore the printed image and mounted it on some handmade white fibrous paper I had. I embellished with an old key, a metal tag, a pin and dyed ribbon and a metal embellishment at the top. I love how this turned out.

I still have the PAC to make and then get started on Week 7.


Sue Kosec said...

Your creativity just amazes me!!!!!!! Not to mention your stick-to-it dedication.

Way to go!

Julie Wicks said...

Oh, Susan! Amazing, gorgeous work! I feel like I post the same thing every time but I am just in awe of your art~