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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

"ART" Artsy Canvas

Yesterday I posted this canvas I created for a recent swap. It changed a lot along the way, so I thought I would share the process along with some photos I managed to take while creating.

The first step was adding inky, "dirty" paper towels to the canvas with a 50/50 mixture of gesso and mat medium - a "faux" plaster technique. I separated the plies of paper towel to add just one ply and "smoothed" this into the wet mixture creating wrinkles and texture. 

Once fully dry (takes quite awhile) I covered it all with another coat of gesso. Note - if your towels have spray ink or other mediums on them, which are not permanent, you will never get back to pure white! But it's a great way to avoid the "blank canvas" syndrome.

When that was dry, I added modeling paste through an irregular diamond-pattern stencil.

Next came the fun part - adding all the bits and bobs.  In this photo you can really see what all I added - everything but the kitchen sink! I had forgotten to clean my paintbrush with gesso in it and it sat overnight. It was unsalvageable so I decided to add it to my piece. Other things added were: buttons, a plaster frame, chipboard pieces, screws, paper flowers, beads, bottle cap, resin flower, hinge, wood plug and a few assorted metal pieces.

Several more coats of white gesso blended everything together to prepare for the colors. 

Here's where I stopped taking photos! I added turquoise and magenta spray inks, blotting up and adding more until I was happy with the look. The finishing touches were dry-brushing over textures with gesso and adding some silver metallic paste to some high areas.

This is such a fun technique - I hope I've inspired you to make one of your own!


Sue Kosec said...

Thanks for the blow-by-blow. You're a genius!

Happy Gesso-ing!

Sugar Lump Studios said...

This is an amazing canvas and I so appreciate the steps for us. The textures are amazing!!! So pretty are the colors too and the embellishments! thanks for sharing!

Team Clark said...

So very cool, Susan! We are doing these at our local altered book club on Saturday - can't wait! Thanks for the extra inspiration. <3