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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

DLP unPlanner 2016 - May - Wk 1 PAC

The art challenge for this week's PAC is to add your name in a creative way.

Not sure what direction I was going to take, I just started by adding leftover alpha stickers to a blank card. These were mostly consonants and letters you don't often use and I just wanted to get rid of it (without throwing it away). This is what it first looked like.

Then I added a few coats of white gesso.

Next I blended several colors of Intense Blocks with water and a brush. I used these because they are permanent when dry.

The last few steps included adding a bit of yellow Distress Crayon and blending it in with my finger, painting over the letters of my name (totally unplanned, but they were all there!) and adding a ruffle of some cute fabric.  I outlined the letters in black and added Stickles to make my name pop. Done!

PS - If you look at the first photo you will notice that I really didn't have an "a" on there, but the "d" worked perfectly by just ignoring it's upper section.

1 comment:

Sue Kosec said...

Clever!!!!!!!!!!!! And you're such a genius to turn the 'd' into an 'a' - you ROCK.

Love the fabric, too!