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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

More 30-Day Art Marks Challenge pages

Yippee!!! I am now caught up with my art marks challenge journal! (Traveling sure puts a crimp in daily-art-exercise plans!)

Days 18 - 19 - Striped and Encircled

 Stripes: strips of paper glued diagonally over painted background. Outlined and doodled.
Encircled: painty scrap paper glued on and then areas of interest circled with pink marker and blue colored pencil and tiny white circles drawn with white pen.

Days 20 - 21 - Covered and Parallel

Covered: the background was "covered" with brush strokes of paint, then "covered" with cross marks.
Parallel: watercolored background stamped with roller stamp and white ink; fuchsia liquid ink dripped in parallel lines and then more lines doodled with black and white pens.

Days 22 - 23 - Spiral and Numerous

Spiral: watered down acrylic paint background; painty scrap circles glued on and then doodled in black for spiral and white for radiating lines.
Numerous: painted background covered with "numerous" different marks - black circles and lines, white circles, pink small lines, turquoise stencil, turquoise drawn triangles.

Days 24 - 25 - Squared and Odd

Squared: three squares of book text glued to watercolored background; turquoise boxes drawn with pen; yellow and blue Pitt pens on book text.

Odd: belli-printed paper glued on for background. Enhanced the 7 elongated ovals with white and black pen marks and added a scalloped border cut from book text and painted with gesso.

Day 26 - Even

This is torn on the left side. It was a piece of scrap painty paper. I painted two (for even) flowers with orange paint and then doodled inside with white pen marks. Then I added the drawn scallop border.

Only four more days!

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Sue Kosec said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh - my favorite is "striped" ... not sure why, but it speaks to me loud and clear.

Great job on all the pages, Susan!