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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More Artful Gathering

The above pin was made by Brenda and given to each of us. I think it's done on a "style stone" with a crackle finish and little beads on the sides. I added mine to the front of my western book.

Liane presented us with a house project on matboard. She is from New Mexico and, since we lived there for nineteen years, this is a project dear to my heart. We used just one sheet of paper! I'm not sure who makes this paper, but the background (adobe bricks) was enough to cover both sides. Then we cut out the images of the skull, chili ristra, boots, cactus and woven blanket from the remainder of the page and added them to the front and back.

This is the front - real turquoise bits were added to the skull and NM tag, twine was knotted and glued to the top of the ristra and a concho added to the lower right with strips of suede laced through.

On the back I added a scrap of suede and an arrowhead that Candy made for each of us out of polymer clay! It looks like a real one. I was recently in a "row house" swap and will display this unique NM casa with those houses.Whew, I think that's everything except for the western book. Can you believe all we fit in in just a few days? I have a few more little bits to add to my book, then I will post it tomorrow.

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Brenda Wampler said...

Susan, you are very welcome for the pin. Glad you have enjoyed it! It is on a style stone...love them because I don't have to use a drill!