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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's been way too long!

You just can't believe the last few weeks. First, we spent a long weekend in Chicago with four of our daughters and the new fiance. It was a great time celebrating four birthdays (mine, my husband's, oldest daughter's and new fiance's) which all happen to be between August 19 and 23! And we also celebrated the new engagement and the upcoming move of my oldest daughter from Chicago to New York City.

But the bad news of the past few weeks is we haven't had Internet access! I have been trying to keep up with e-mails by using my neighbor's computer, but there is nothing like your own computer in your own home! I finally remembered that our new library would surely have WiFi so now I am making a daily trek there to stay connected! The worst part is we won't be re-connected until Sept 10th!!

Anyway, I have at least had time to get some art done. I took a class on my birthday - the project was a mystery and we received a list of supplies to bring, most of which we would have in our stash. We also brought an 11 x 14 canvas painted black, a 12x12" black piece of cardstock and four pieces cut 2" x 4" of eight coordinating patterned papers. Here is the home decor piece I made:

The black flower was cut with the Cricut and pink rhinestones added to the center. Everyone's came out so different, depending on the papers they brought. It was a fun time.

I will have more photos of some of the things I'm working on tomorrow. Need to get them uploaded.

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Linda Manning Findley said...

oh boy glad you are back and online ... look forward to seeing more wonderful work ..... Linda F