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Monday, May 5, 2014

Art Journal Page - Texture

I spent a few days working (playing) in my art journal.  I wanted to play with the new "irRESISTible" sprays from Imagine Crafts. These come in many luscious colors, but I only have the metallics - gold, silver and copper.

I first sprayed gold through a honeycomb pattern stencil on the right page and then flipped the stencil over to the left page to transfer any excess spray from the stencil. I sprayed copper through a butterfly stencil on the right and silver through another stencil on the left.  I also sprayed randomly on the background with all the sprays.  

When dry, these sprays are permanent so you can layer them and retain the colors of each. They also resist any media that is applied over them.  I used Golden Fluid Acrylic paints over both pages and then dabbed off some of the paint with a baby wipe. The areas that are darker (around the edges and in some splotches on the pages) are where the base coat of gesso did not completely cover the pages so the paint absorbed more in those places.

I added some drywall tape which I'd also sprayed with the gold irRESISTible, some corrugate cardboard strips and some Washi tape. The honeycomb on the lower left is a card stock die cut which I painted with Art Anthology Velvet Paint. Since this paint is very thick, I pounced it on for even more texture.

I still wasn't happy with the right butterfly. To bring out more detail, I outlined it with a permanent pen, then painted inside with a turquoise "Silks" acrylic glaze.

These closeups show the incredible texture and shine of these sprays.

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Linda Manning Findley said...

great texture ... nice pages ... as always great work ... Linda