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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Back from a long birthday weekend!

We spent Thursday thru Monday in Austin celebrating this little guy's first birthday - I can hardly believe that he is already one!  (Sorry, lots of photos!)

My five kids, their spouses/significant others and the four grand boys were all together for a fun, boisterous, crazy busy weekend. Loved every minute, but it will take a few days to recuperate!


Grant and Mitchell

Drew and Carl

Grant loved riding the rocking horse

Visited, picnicked and played on playground at Treaty Oak Distillery

Sand and water table

Four boys in a pool

Out for a drive

Fun with water pistols

Just hanging out

Four boys in a tub

Killing ants


Train ride
Feeding the goats


Sue Kosec said...

Sit down right now and call yourself LUCKY ... because you most definitely are.

So happy for you, Susan!!

Linda Manning Findley said...

looks like soooooooo much fun ... be sure to rest up from having all that fun ... lol