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Thursday, November 10, 2016

October DLP unPlanner 2016 - Week 4

More catchup...

This is Week 4. I was at my art retreat this week and working on various projects (I will share later) so not much on the calendar.

Since Oct. 31st fell on Monday, I didn't want to use an entire weekly page so I used the back of a darling Halloween card I received. (See second photo.)

Here is what I did for my Monthly Pocket Picks. I used another full sheet protector and fused pockets in it according to the sizes I needed.  Once again I used a black tag for some photos of the month. I love how that looks.



I still have a few October PACs to catch up on so will share those next.

1 comment:

Sue Kosec said...

You have such a full life. Don't ever take that for granted and don't ever stop having fun.

Certainly makes for some beautiful art work, right along with making beautiful memories.

Happy day!