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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Scrapbooks "Finished"

I've been diligently working on all four grand boys' scrapbooks. I never did this for my own children so thought I would do it for the grands, as their mothers are not going to have time for it either.

In September I "finished" all four - or, I should say, I am up-to-date on them! The, of course, are on-going projects! I now have to add pumpkin patch and Halloween pages (times four!).

Some of the pages I don't think I've shared before:


Sue Kosec said...

You're the best gramma ever. Those boys (and their future wives) will treasure them their entire lives.

Great work, too!

Team Clark said...

Oh my goodness Susan! What a feat and sweet gesture! I think I will follow suit, as I haven't scrapped a lick of my kids pics... Sigh... Your pages are so heartfelt and beautifully designed. I wish I could take a flip through all four books. Well done sweetie!