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Friday, November 11, 2016

Remaining October PACs

The last two PACs of October are finished!

Week 4
Art Challenge - Repeat a Pattern

For this card I used an under paper (previously painted scrap paper) as the background. For the repeating pattern, I cut small rectangles of a gold candy wrapper and stitched horizontally through them. I used a variegated thread and left the tails for extra texture. I looked through my box of "found words" that I save from book pages etc. and found this appropriate phrase. Done!

Week 5 (actually just one day!)
Art Challenge - Incorporate the First Letter of Your First Name

Again, I used a pre-painted scrap and glued on a few other scraps. I found the "S" clip which was perfect for the focal point. I also added a border made from overlapping s's. To finish, I added scribbles at the bottom with black ink for some added texture and depth.

On to November!


Sue Kosec said...

How funny that you used candy papers for this project. I was JUST thinking about you this morning when I looked at the canvas I made under your direction. How we laughed that you "had to" eat all that candy so that you would have enough to roll into little balls for the centers of the poinsettia.

Sooooooo, I see you "had to" eat more. Good for you.

Just beautiful.

Team Clark said...

Fabulous with the gold foil and I always adore triangles in repeat! Such an inspiration today, thank you! Hugs, Autumn