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Saturday, February 25, 2017

30-Day Art Marks Challenge - Days 16-23

I'm keeping up with my daily art marks in my little journal. Here are six more entries.

Day 16 - Assorted
Day 17 - Reverse

For assorted, I used a gelli print for the base and then added many different marks using stamps and  paints.

For the reverse challenge, I stenciled one feather in white and then flipped the stencil to get the reverse feather in black paint. I added contrasting polka dots and then doodled a black and white border.

Day 18 - Circular
Day 19 - Hash

Day 18 was easy - I collaged book text and patterned paper circles over a gelli printed paper. The I added some paint with my finger and doodled in black pen.

The background for Day 19 was also a gelli print, this time on deli paper. I added artist paper scallops and the hearts are cut from some melted crayon prints from years ago.  I added the hash marks with black pen in different sizes to fill in the background.

Day 20 - Suspended
Day 21 - Bold

For  suspended, I watercolored the background and then painted three yellow stars outlined with gold Stickles and white pen. I stamped the words and doodled the hanging strings for the stars.

The background for bold was leftover paint and a stencil from a previous page. The pink scallops are cut from a gelli printed scrap. I stamped the bold arrow shapes in black ink and hand-cut the title from painted paper.

Day 22 - Reflective/Shiny
Day 23 -  Simple

I combined two days' prompts which were similar for Day 22. (Since there were 30 prompts and I am only doing the 28 days of February, there were a few extra.)  Again, I glued down a background of gelli printed deli paper. For the shiny element I used a new Christine Adolph rub on with silver foil. It's hard to see in the photo but the "negative" is a silhouette of wildflowers.

Day 23 was simple! I did a wash of pink and yellow translucent paints on the background and then made simple marks with a paintbrush and hot pink paint.

Only five more days to go! My little journal is bursting at the seams!

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Sue Kosec said...

I swear. You are sooooooo talented. I love your take on all of these challenges - but especially love the feathers page!

Happy crafting.