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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

30-Day Art Marks Challenge - Days 8-15

Day 8 - Rings
Day 9 - Chevron

For the rings prompt I painted the background and then stamped circles with white and purple paints. I doodled more rings with a black pen and filled the centers with white paint pen. I also made lots of tiny white ring marks and black cross marks throughout the background.

For chevron, I painted the background a neon pink and then stamped with a chevron roller stamp in white and darker pink. I also stamped a smaller chevron design with grey ink, added chevron washi tape and then doodled large and small chevrons on the page.

Day 10 - Criss Cross
Day 11 - Lines

The criss crosses are doodled with white and black pens on the fingerprinted background. I collaged a few circles cut from some messy paint scraps and made them into flowers.

For the lines prompt, I used the colored pencil border that I had cut from a magazine ages ago. I glued it over a painted and stenciled background. The lines were made with corresponding colors of colored pencils. Easy!

Day 12 - Puddled
Day 13 - Patterned

Day 12 was "puddled" so I dropped very wet watercolors on the page. Once dry, I drew in loose petals for flowers and veins for the leaves. I wrote messily with a fountain pen in a few places and then filled the remainder of the background with tiny black dots using a Sharpie.

For patterned I collaged some vintage ledger paper on the background and then painted over it. I drew the heart on and then filled the areas with different patterns in black and white paint pens.

Day 14 - Dashed
Day 15 - Loose

The left page shows the dashed prompt. I went crazy with hot pink, yellow and blue paints on the background and then stenciled over it with hot pink dots. I laid a leaf mask on top and then painted around it with a dark indigo acrylic paint. Once that was dry I added my dashes in white Signo pen and a hot pink gel pen.

For loose, I loosely finger painted two green and one turquoise paints with lots of water. Then I watered down white paint and painted a circle at the top of the page, letting it drip down.  I doodled the flower and hash marks with a pencil and a turquoise pastel pencil. By holding the pencils near the end and lightly drawing, I was able to keep it very loose.

I hope you're enjoying my daily art exercises. They are very freeing and are forcing me to do something every day!  


Sue Kosec said...

Love, love, love. You've done an excellent job, Susan. I'm sure you're itching to try out the new oxide inks!

Happy crafting ...

Team Clark said...

Very cool takes on each and every prompt! I am dying to get into some paint these days, just need to go for it! Hugs, Autumn