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Monday, February 27, 2017

30-Day Art Marks Challenge - Days 24-28

I'm finished! I've done the 28 prompts for the month of February. (Since we are leaving for Mexico tomorrow, I went ahead and did the last day today so I could post.)

Day 24 - Primary
Day 25 - Hidden

On the left is the "primary" page. I glued tissue paper in red, blue and yellow to the base page, overlapping a bit to also create the secondary colors. Once dry, I brayered white paint lightly over all. I had a happy accident - I had used bleeding tissue (Spectra) so it tinged the white paint in all the colors.  Then I doodled lines and circles in blue, red and yellow over the page. Finally, I glued on three round labels and doodled them into flowers.

For hidden, I glued a bit of printed tissue paper to the background and then journaled all over the page. To hide the journaling, I glued on pieces of dried paper towel left over from a painting session and scraped over with white paint to tone it down.  The butterflies are stamped in black Archival ink.

Day 26 - Singular
Day 27 - Continuous

For the singular challenge, I watercolored the background and then stamped the leaf in dark green paint. I accented it with white pen. 

For the continuous prompt, I painted the background and then made a continuous line with a black Sharpie.  Then I doodled white and black marks within the circular shapes created by the line.

Day 28 - Painterly

For the last day I painted blocks of pink and orange paint with a flat brush and then used a palette knife to spread white paint. The white paint marks were made with a small round paint brush.

And, finally, I decorated the front and back covers with randomly cut-up scraps of mostly gelli printed papers. The "Make your Mark" is something I'd cut out of a magazine ages ago but it's just perfect!  

And here, again,  is the before photo, in case you've forgotten what this little throw-away calendar looked like to begin with. I think it's quite a transformation!

I had lots of fun doing this challenge. Most of the time the prompt was helpful and it certainly challenged me to sometimes think outside of the box. I would certainly do this again. It is so good to have a daily art exercise.


Sue Kosec said...

Your "happy accident" is perfect. Don'tcha just love when that happens and you don't have to start from the beginning?

Happy crafting, happy Mexico-ing!

Team Clark said...

Oh my goodness, this is all so very cool and inspiring! I love turning junk into art, and you've sure done it! Amazing! Hugs, Autumn