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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Cuttlebug Fever

Have you gotten it yet? Online groups were buzzing about it - everyone had one or wanted one. I don't scrapbook or use die cuts but I do make cards. I usually prefer inking or stamping backgrounds. So I didn't pay much attention. I just don't need another "machine" taking up space. But then someone showed me how to use the Cuttlebug embossing folders and dies with a pasta machine. Well, I have one of those and it'd be great to use it for more than just clay. So, I have joined the masses and now own a few embossing folders and one die cut. Here's a mini-tutorial for using the pasta machine.

Cut your cardstock to size and mist lightly with water. Place inside the Cuttlebug embossing folder. Set your pasta machine on the widest setting (mine is an inexpensive Amacho and I used the #7 setting). Insert the folder sandwich into the machine (I did it with the hinged side first, but it probably doesn't matter) and slowly turn the handle. Since the folder is a little longer than the distance from the pasta machine slot to the tabletop, you will need to gently bend and guide it so it clears the table. If you don't get a nice impression, you can try using the next largest setting as pasta machines may vary. Voila! Cuttlebug embossing without the CB!

Cut a piece of inexpensive "fun foam" (from children's crafts department) the size of the die cut folder. Again, cut your cardstock to size and mist lightly with water. Lay the cardstock on top of the foam and then place the die cut folder on top of both with the sharp, cutting edge down (the shiny side will be up). Run this sandwich slowly through the pasta machine as above, again starting with the widest setting. And voila! Cuttlebug die cuts without the machine! (Usually the die cuts will cut into the foam. You can reuse by turning the foam but at some point you will have to replace the foam.)

I understand that you can also use the brass dry-embossing templates in the pasta machine as well. I have not done this very successfully yet, but will post when I figure it out.

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janene said...

I love your ATCs. Every blooming one of them.