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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Many online groups are swapping "inchies" - tiny, one-inch square works of art. I hosted a swap this fall, but the participants preferred doing them a bit bigger - 1.5" square. The swap was 25 for 25 and each square had to have some stamping, an image and either a word or letter. When we received the squares we also had to make a project to showcase them. This is a photo of the simple wallhanging I made with black cardstock and a ribbon hanger with the squares I received. I used black as it best enhances the varied colors. For some reason Blogger isn't letting me upload the photo of the squares I made. This was a fun project and not as challenging as you might think!

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Alice Segura said...

You received really nice inchies+. I have seen others that were not worth keeping. Too bad you couldn't load yours, I bet they were great. I liked your ATCs. Very, very nice. - Alice-- chocolateink@gmail.com