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Saturday, March 24, 2007

My latest stamping tool

It's my scanner! I've discovered that when you scan a project, for some reason the details show up much better than when you look at it IRL. If something isn't quite right, it pops right off the screen! I noticed this when I was scanning a book page for a swap. When I scanned it, one of the elements I'd adhered was way too dark for the rest of the page. I went back and lightened it with a bit of gesso and it looked much better. So, from now on, whenever I'm stuck or wondering if something looks right, I'm going to scan it to decide!


Trish D said...

Great tip! I know sometimes when I get stuck on a project, I take it into the bathroom and look at it in the mirror. Seriously, sometimes looking at a project backwards helps me decide what's needed.

Susan said...

Thanks Trish. I wouldn't have thought to look in a mirror. Holding it upside down works too.

Christine said...

Or you could be like me and use your husband! :) I don't think I'll let him read this because then he'll tell me to use the scanner. hahaha Darn! He just read it over my shoulder. Thanks, Susan! BTW, what is gesso? I've never heard of it.