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Monday, July 23, 2007

More projects

We made this darling, tiny maze book - it's only 3" square and is made with just one 12" x 12" piece of cardstock plus the covers.

Basically, the cardstock is folded in half horizontally and the top and bottom edges then folded in to the fold. This is opened up and then repeated but vertically. This will divide the cardstock into 12 equal 3" squares. Three cuts are made and then this folds up! The covers were made with lightweight cardboard covered with patterned paper and the first and last pages of the book were glued to the front and back covers. Voila! A sweet little book.

Another project was a soldered collaged glass pendant. We made tiny collages and sandwiched these between two 2" square pieces of glass. The edges were covered with copper tape and then soldered. Jump rings were then added. I will probably not wear this even though it is double-sided. I think I will add it to the tea book we made, which I will post later as I still have a few finishing touches to add.

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glitterangel said...

What stunning pendants, I love them!