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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bird in House

No, this is not a current art project, but it is what I have been occupied with these past few days.

A mama bird has decided to make her nest and lay 5 bitty eggs in it in my front door spring arrangement! We have been trying not to use that door too much this past week so as not to disturb the nest.

One day when I let the dog out front, she flew out of the nest as I opened the door and scared the daylights out of me. Now when I do open the door, I noisily rattle the door before opening it so she can make her getaway.

Late last night when I was preparing to go to bed, I let the dog out front, making the aforementioned noises. She did not fly out so I figured she was out scavenging and opened the door. She must have been sleeping as she flew out, but flew straight into my house! My husband is out of town and this was 1:30 am, but I opened both the front door and the back door into the garage to have double the chance for her to get out. She was panicked and just flew around, alighting on the ceiling fan, drapery rods, a wreath hung high in the two-story family room, and the balcony railing. But she never came down and found her way out! After trying to shoo her out (have you ever tried to catch a "wild" bird?) I finally gave up and went to bed, closing all doors I could so she wouldn't get trapped where we would never find her.

This morning I again opened the doors wide, hoping her chirping buddies outside would call to her and lead her out. No such luck. Since I had to work all day, I figured I'd just leave the door into the garage open and hope she would be out by the time I got home. If I came home to her still inside, my last option was going to be calling animal control. (And I even wonder if they would come!)

However, just as I was walking out the door, she alighted on my kitchen chandelier and I attempted one last time to shoo her toward the door with a magazine. (Picture me - the "I don't do mornings" person rushing to get to work - waving a dangerous magazine wildly in the air at a teensy little bird!) Finally, she managed to make it out the door into the garage and I quickly closed the door to the house and opened the garage door. Now I hope she will find her way back to her nest and those still-to-be-hatched eggs. But, I must say, after this ordeal, I'm over the "ahh, cute little nest" thing and may just be moving that arrangement off the door!

Have a great day, everyone, and I hope you will learn one thing from today's post: don't put enticing, flowery decorations on your door in springtime!


Linda Manning Findley said...

oh what a time .... and yes I can just picture you the "I don't do mornings" person .... LOL ... Linda F

Sarah said...

What is it with these TX birds? I have had them build their little nests in the wreath on my front door...not once, but 3 different times. I have only had a fly-by on one occasion but she quickly found her way back out. No more spring wreaths for me!
Nothing like the thrill of trying to chase a bird out of your house before going to work...you weren't late were you? LOL

Tracy :) said...

Too funny...wish I could've seen you "shooing" in your night gown...tee hee!!

Kris H said...

Wish we'd had a video of this, although your narrative is great. Imagine that poor little momma-to-be bird was scared to death see you shooing her with a dangerous magazine. Were you wearing big fluffy slippers and hair rollers too when you were chasing this poor bird around the house? lol. You are too funny.