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Saturday, December 19, 2015

"12 Days of Christmas Gifts" Swap - Days 1 - 6

The online group I've a member of does an annual "12 Days of Christmas Gifts" Swap. We are placed in groups of 12 and assigned one day. We then make 12 gifts - one for each participant - and send them out. 12 days before Christmas we start opening our gifts - one per day. This is one of my favorite activities of the group and it's always amazing to see the creativity and thought that goes into these gifts.

I was the first day of my group and created a little art quilt hanging. I used a base of canvas cloth and layered music paper, ticking, laces, buttons, ruffled ribbon and a favorite vintage Christmas image. I dyed the seam binding ribbon hanger with Distress ink.

I love how they look all lined up before mailing!

And this is what I've received so far:

Day 2
from Julie
tiny canvas ornament

Day 3
from Alice
canvas star ornament

Day 4
from Joan
vintage Bingo card banner

Day 5
from Shellie
Cd case calendar

Day 6
from Gwynn
beaded bracelet

Thanks to all these gals for the lovely gifts. Can't wait to open the next 6!


Sue Kosec said...

Oh my goodness. WHAT FUN!!!!!!!!!! How creative your friends are, Susan. Enjoy your gifts.


Nancy B said...

I have really been enjoying the gifties and I love your little girl and her bare little bum!