"Art is my vehicle through life; may we share the ride together." Ron Wickersham

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More snowpeople

I completely forgot to post these a few days ago. These "snowpeople" are addictive. Each one has it's own personality. I used snaps for the eyes and mouth, copper foil tape for the noses, letter rubons and stickers for the words and assorted charms, keys, and bells to dangle. The bottle on the left was a salt shaker and I even used the top for his hat. The hat on the middle one is a Wilton cake decorating tip and the one on the right is a glass "cork" that came in either a wine or champagne bottle. I had kept it just because and it worked perfectly for this hat!


Create Joy Design Team said...

Those are so beautiful, Susan! SO much better than mine turned out...wow. You are very talented, my friend.

By the way, Hudson is still talking about how much fun he had at your house today. He told my mom all about it when she came over this afternoon...it was pretty cute. Hope they didn't wear you out too much~ I know they are a handful. :) Can't thank you enough...


Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Susan these are absolutely adorable!

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