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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ranger heaven

I think I could have spent the whole three days in the Ranger booth! I just love, love, love all things Ranger. What a terrific business model - who could possibly go wrong with the talented Tim Holtz, Claudine Hellmuth, Wendy Vecchi and Suze Weinberg all in one place??

They introduced new Grungeboard paper - same great stuff, just thinner! I was told it could be cut with the Cricut with the deep-cut blade, run through twice. Great possibilities.

Check out the mini "quilt" in the upper right corner - I think it was made with painted or inked squares of grungeboard paper stitched together on a sewing machine.

Here's a pic of Tim's messenger bag. This is appliqued grungeboard!! What will he think of next?

This cute little birdie was dressed up in the new Ideology line items.

I was thrilled to meet Wendy Vecchi in person. I love her work which is similar to Tim's but less "grungy" and she uses lots of flowers. I think she might be the next "Tim", female-style! There was a wonderful display of her pins and jewelry on an old dress form. Loved it!

And here's one of her small canvas collages
I posted Claudine's picture a few posts ago. Here were canvases she had displayed. You can certainly tell the one on the right was her a few years back and I'm betting the cutie on the left is her now-husband. Don't these make you smile?

This is a newer canvas using her new Studio acrylic paints which were super creamy and such yummy colors. I'm in love...

Ranger had an entire display board showcasing their recent artist challenge samples. They gave several artists a canvas (I think these were approximately 5 x 7 or maybe 8 x 10) to create a house. I don't think there were any other stipulations. Take a look at all the unique creations!

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Linda Manning Findley said...

looks like there was so much to see and bet you came back super charged ... Linda F