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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Convention Part 2

First I want to share a photo of us "four Musketeers" - we all work/teach at Anthologies and I don't think we've ever had a photo taken of all four of us! Though we all went separately to the convention, we met up and someone took this (thanks for sharing Tracy) - can you see that Tim joined us? He was actually just in the background demoing, but he did take time out to autograph his picture for Elaine. From left to right are: Rhonda (whose birthday was that day), Elaine, Tracy and myself. We are wearing the new Anthologies t-shirts. There are two styles - one says "tell your story..." and the other says "...because it's cheaper than therapy."

Here's a photo of some of my $1 deals. Yes, each item shown was only $1! The scissors are pinking shears - they cut so much better than the little plastic Fiskars decorative ones. I should have stocked up on more, but I was trying to be good.

And this was a great find. It's a little case with four clear compartments and it "rolls" up very compactly. This shows it closed.

And here it is open. It was only $5 and I bought it to use for assorted embellishments for my "on the go" case. I'm thinking it would be great for small assortments of buttons, brads, ribbons, bling etc.

It came stuffed with all of this - two acrylic alphabet sets, eight little ink pads and eight tiny square acrylic blocks! I really only wanted the case, but I will at least try these items and see if they are worth anything. At least the blocks will be useful; not sure what the quality of the other items will be. But I'm happy with an empty case!

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