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Friday, December 16, 2016

Annual "12 Days of Christmas" Swap

I am in an online art group that does an annual "12 Days of Christmas" swap. 12 participants are in each group and you make twelve little gifts (alike or very similar) and send one out for each participant. You are assigned a number and that is the day that your gift is opened by everyone.

I corraled all my little gifts in a basket waiting for the first day to start opening (Dec. 13). Doesn't it look festive?!

These are my first three days' gifts. On the left is Day 1 - a cute pair of snowman earrings attached to a pretty tag. In the middle, Day 2 - a sweet tiny ornament with a wooden spool as a base.  And on the right, a children's-size denim pocket decorated for Christmas and filled with Jolly Ranchers.

This is such a fun activity and one I look forward to every year. If you've never done this, get some friends together and do your own 12 Days of Christmas project!

1 comment:

Sue Kosec said...

HOW FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've never done this but would love to. If you need another player, please keep me in mind.

Such sweet little gifts - love them all. You're very fortunate.

Hugs Galore!