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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 5 - and a waterbrush

This is the darling packaging that Jean sent Day #5's Valentine giftie in. She transferred this cute vintage image to a handmade muslin bag and tied it with burgundy ribbon and the cute little stamped metal -rimmed tag. Inside was this beautiful book made with handsewn watercolor paper signatures. The covers are what look like pieces of clay embossed with a piece of lace and painted or inked. The heart embellishment also looks like clay that may have been stamped before baking.

Here's a photo with the book open so you can see the signatures and the detail inside. Lovely, lovely. Thanks Jean!

I also have a "cheap alternative to expensive supplies" for you today. You can buy this package of Elmers Paintastics (I found them on sale this week at Target in the children's art aisle for $3.79 for 5 pens!) and basically empty the ink out, clean well and reuse for water. I learned about this on this site: www.instructables.com/id/The_1_Waterbrush/ I won't repeat all the instructions for converting these paint brushes into waterbrushes, but they seem to have a very nice pointed brush and don't leak like some inexpensive waterbrushes. It's a great alternative to the expensive waterbrushes, or possibly even the new Tim Holtz refillable alcohol ink pen! Check out the website for complete instructions on how to disassemble the pens, empty the ink and refill with water. Now I can have a separate waterbrush for every project!

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Veronica said...

Beautiful... I love all the days.
Thanks for the ideas of how to use the mica.... Oh my gosh all your valentine's day stuff is adorable