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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day 8

Another day and another wonderful package to open. This one is from Gail Austin and I'm not sure if she has a blog or not. This was sweetly wrapped in a glossy little pink bag with pink hearts. The heart tag is deeply embossed and shimmery - possibly glimmer mist? Inside this bag was another wrapping of tissue paper (I think) stamped with lip prints and swirls and sprayed with glimmer mist (?) again. And then, this beautiful "booklace" - a book-necklace of hearts. The photos do not do this justice - it is absolutely gorgeous! The front and back covers are embossed metal - copper I think. Pages 1 and 3 are possibly images sandwiched between mica layers (again, I am guessing here). Pages 2 and 4 are handstitched felt hearts with stamped organdy (?) attached.
Here is a peek at the inside hearts. As you can tell from all the question marks in this post, there are many questions to ask of the artist. Once everyone opens their gift, I am sure Gail will clarify what techniques she used. Thank you Gail!
Waiting eagerly for tomorrow's gift!

EDIT: I just heard from Gail and she confirmed most of what I had guessed! The metal is copper which she embossed in the Cuttlebug. To change the color she "torched" it briefly and added liver of sulphur. The wool hearts were cut from an old wool blazer and felted. She printed images on both organza and transparencies. Then the organza images were stitched onto the felt hearts and the transparencies were adhered to mica.

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Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous - who knew about Liver of Sulphur? I'm going to have to go google that!