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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Day 2008

We had a great Christmas day, albeit very different from any we have celebrated in the past. Above is our little tree. I had brought this small tree in my suitcase and we decorated it with found shells, a ribbon from a plate of cookies given us by the condo management, pop tabs from beer cans, a tin star I cut from a beer can, thin strips of tin from same beer can, and tiny candy canes I'd brought.

Here's the gang just before opening stockings (we had drawn names beforehand so everyone only only had one to do). From right to left is: Kim, my oldest; Sara, my youngest; Kelly; Dana and her fiance, John; my only son, Will; Josh, boyfriend of Kelly.
Here we are with our tree on the beach, just prior to going to Christmas dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Christmas dinner on the beach. Yes, we took off our sandals and sat with our feet in the sand throughout the meal! The restaurant's name was La Buena Vida - the good life - for sure!

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Jeri Aaron said...

Susan, your family Christmas spent in Mexico looks devine - I'm so glad it was all that you hoped it would be!